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The purpose of this video is to make ERP accounting easier to understand. This is part 2 of 2. In the first video, we discussed the basic accounting components involved with buying, storing and selling product (wholesale distribution).

In this video, we will dive into the real details and complexities of ERP accounting. As a result of this video, you should be able to trace the steps through a Tier 1 ERP like Oracle or SAP as well as Tier 2 ERP like Microsoft Dynamics.

I love ADempiere, Open Source ERP, for wholesale distribution and light manufacturing. If you would like to see how the below details flow through an actual ERP system, or if you have recommendations for improving this video, Let me know.

If the this training video is too advanced, you might want to start with this one.


Here is a link discussing ADempiere’s multi-national accounting abilities.

Here is a link discussing one of ADempiere’s core multi-national features – the Charge.

Here is a review of ADempiere’s wholesale and web distribution abilities.

About Chuck Boecking: I am an ERP educator. I believe that open source ERP have achieved mainstream capabilities, and as a result, more companies can create greater efficiency across their organization. I started using the iDempiere code base in 2003. Back then, it was called Compiere. In 2006, I started my first multi-million dollar installation. Since then, ADempiere has helped me create great success with distribution and manufacturing companies all over the world. My vision of success is to find companies that can best use open source ERP to help them achieve a single, global instance that drives a discontinuous increase in profitability. I believe that organizations win when they own their technology.

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