The purpose of this page is to help you get started with iDempiere as quickly as possible.

Question #1 – How to see it in action?

Question #2 – Where to host?

My recommendation is to host using Amazon’s AWS (AWS wikipedia). If you are creating a new AWS account, you get a small server for free for one year. This small server is perform for evaluating iDempiere with a small team.

My second recommendation is using VirutalBox (VirtualBox wikipedia).

Here is a link with much more information.

Question #3 – How to Install?

If you are technical or just plain adventurous, you can easily install iDempiere yourself. All you need is a fresh 64-bit ubuntu 20.04 linux server. You can issue the below command, and iDempiere will magically appear about 10 minutes later

sudo apt-get -y update; sudo apt-get -y install mercurial; hg clone; chmod 766 idempiere-installation-script/*.sh; ./idempiere-installation-script/ -P Silly -u ubuntu -l &>output.txt; nano /opt/chuboe/idempiere_installer_feedback.txt

I recommend you read this page before you get started.

If the above task does not sound appealing, I will install iDempiere for you. All I as is that you join the ERP Academy for one month ($199 USD). As part of your membership, I will install iDempiere in AWS under your AWS account, and I will document the whole process. Here are the ERP Academy frequently asked questions. I hope to see you there!

Question #4 – How to Learn, Configure, Audit, Deploy and Scale iDempiere?

You can always learn on your own by reviewing the iDempiere wiki, youtube videos, and blogs if you have lots of time. This is how I learned over a period of 14+ years.

Your fastest and easiest way to learn iDempiere is by using the ERP Academy. I teach you iDempiere basics. I show you how to configure your system for your specific needs. I demonstrate best practices to ensure your system is in balance the day it goes live and stays in balance as your users grow your business. I show you how to expand your system to support growth beyond the next 10 years.

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