Open Source ERP Academy

Learn, Configure, Audit and Scale iDempiere ERP. Open Source ERP Academy teaches you power and flexibility of open source ERP in a real world setting where learning occurs over weeks and months – not hours and days. Evaluating ERP is hard. I make it easier.

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iDempiere Open Source ERP

iDempiere and Open Source ERP are quite possibly the biggest discontinuous changes and enablers for producing business efficiency and insight. iDempiere is not for everyone; however, if it is right for your organization, you will see the world in a more meaningful way.

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ERP Integrator Reinvented

I help organizations learn, configure, audit, launch and scale iDempiere open source ERP. I focus on teaching and knowledge transfer. I help you make the most of your current resources, and I point you to others who can fill the gaps.

ERP for Accountants

Almost everything in ERP impacts accounting. ERP Academy teaches you the processes and controls that enable your team to close accounting periods quickly using free software.

ERP for Technical

Whether you are looking to install ERP for your company or you are an aspiring ERP integrator, you will learn the tools, tips and practices to support and customize iDempiere and ADempiere open source ERP.

ERP for Operations

This open source ERP training teaches you how to create efficient business processes that exceed customer expectations. More importantly, you will learn how to get exactly what you want from IT and Accounting.