Managing Outsourced Manufacturing in iDempiere Open Source ERP

  Hi Everyone, The purpose of this post is to introduce you to a new training series designed to help you support the outsourced manufacturing process in iDempiere, open source ERP. This course covers: How to configure iDempiere to receive

Make to Order Demonstration – ADempiere, Open Source ERP

Hi Everyone, The purpose of this post is to demonstrate a simple example of Make-to-Order manufacturing in ADempiere where a completed Sales Order creates a Manufacturing Order automatically. This video example uses ADempiere’s Libero manufacturing abilities to automate this task.

Open Source ERP Manufacturing Feasibility Study – Perishable Goods

Hi Everyone, Here is a first draft of a manufacturing (MRP) feasibility study involving forecast production of perishable goods. I demonstrate the concept using ADempiere and iDempiere, open source ERP. This demonstration is not yet complete. Let me know how you would

Open Source Fleet Management using ADempiere and iDempiere

The Challenge Let’s say you manage a fleet division with 1,000 vehicles and equipment valued at around $60M. Your annual budget is $10M. You provide a traditional set of fleet management services, many of which are listed below. Your mission