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For my print format, I have a column that is of Reference type “List”. The Reference Key points to _PaymentRule (payment rule). Currently, it prints this field as “S”. How do I fix it to print “Checks”?

In your report’s supporting view, you need to “left outer join AD_Ref_List on (AD_Ref_List.AD_Reference_ID=195 and c_payselectionline.paymentrule = AD_Ref_List.value)”. In the AD_Ref_List table, choose the “Name” column to show in your view.

Where AD_Reference_ID=195 is the ID listed in the “Reference Key” column for Payment Rule on the Table and Column window. You can find the AD_Reference_ID by zooming on the Reference Key column and clicking on the X/X section in the bottom right of the screen.

How add Text from List Reference to Print Format in ADempiere and iDempiere-resized-600

It is important that you perform a left outer join (instead of an inner join) so that the record does not get excluded if this field is blank.

I hope this helps!!

Why consider Open Source ERP

Open source ERP gives you every opportunity to prove or disprove its ability to support your company’s ERP needs on a timeline that satisfies your organizational needs. With open source ERP, you do not face the same financial constraints nor do you face the same conflicts of interest as with commercial ERP. Instead, you invest in the appropriate skills and knowledge for your people and processes. Best of all – if open source ERP cannot solve your company’s needs, you can safely justify spending the additional $2K to $5K per person per year for life of your commercial ERP to help drive your organization’s success.

ADempiere vs iDempiere vs Openbravo vs Compiere

Please note that ADempiere, iDempiere and Openbravo are forks or copies from Compiere. Therefore, they have similar abilities mentioned above. The biggest difference is that ADempiere and iDempiere are pure open source. There are no features held behind a commercial or paid license.


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