iDempiere Installation Script Now Supports Ubuntu 14.04LTS

Hi Everyone, The purpose of this post is to announce that my automated iDempiere installation script now supports Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Installation Descriptions iDempiere Server installation on Ubuntu 14.04LTS iDempiere Development Environment Automated Installation What is the best way to Learn

Installing iDempiere and ADempiere Open Source ERP

Hi Everyone, You can install iDempiere quickly and easily using this iDempiere installation script. However, I recommend you read this article first. The purpose of this article is to (1) make the installation and hosting of iDempiere easier for you

iDempiere Last PO Costing Method Cost Element – Audit Results

Hi Everyone, The purpose of this post is to test the accuracy of iDempiere’s Last PO costing method. Tests will be performed when costing level is at (a) Client, (b) Organization, and (c) Lot/Batch. Tests performed for products with and

iDempiere and ADempiere Open Source ERP Training Announced

Hi Everyone, I am proud to announce that I will be hosting a new iDempiere and ADempiere training class starting December 3rd. The class is designed to help business and technical professionals learn, configure and audit open source ERP to

iDempiere Demo – How to Learn Open Source ERP for Free

Hi Everyone, The purpose of this post is to help make ERP accessible to more people. By following the instructions in this document, you should be able to learn iDempiere, open source ERP, in Amazon’s AWS hosting environment for free.

iDempiere – Open Source ERP – Linux Installation Really Easy

Hi Everyone, The purpose of this post is to make installing and maintaining a stable instance of iDempiere as easy as possible. This script does three things to help make it easier to learn, configure and deploy open source ERP:

Open Source ERP – Safely and Securely Hosting your Sensitive Data

Hi Everyone, The purpose of this post is to discuss ADempiere, iDempiere, open source ERP and security. If you go into a board room and announce that you are going to run your entire company’s business using open source ERP

Open Source ERP Supports the Natural Evaluation Process

Hi Everyone, It takes awhile to decide if a new ERP is the right choice for your organization. There are social, operational, financial and technical hurdles that need to be viewed, discussed and solved. This process takes time, and it

Install iDempiere, Open Source ERP, on a AWS Linux Server Even Faster

Hi Everyone, *** Update (09/17/2013): Here is a newer post that makes installation easier and faster. It also helps you better understand how to install iDempiere for better performance and scalability. *** In an previous post, I showed you how to